Core values

Core values

Core values




Nous respectons l'environnement, nous recyclons, nous limitons notre impact environnemental lors de la production et la conception

An ambitious CRS strategy

With our commitment to amore responsible future,we spend every day working for our planet, thanks to a series of best practices implemented at every level of the company: 

Laboratory and production site located in a protected technology park
Planned investments to reduce our use of water
Waste recycling and treatment within each department
Partnerships with carriers committed to reducing their CO2 emissions de              CO2
Preferential sourcing of packaging and raw materials made in France / Europe
Environmental awareness applied to our formulas.




In 2008, Shadeline was the first company to join Anjac Health & Beauty, a leading development and subcontracting group in the field of cosmetics, skin care and pharmaceuticals, in France and abroad.  


The group is dedicated to its ability to stimulate high added-value innovation, in line with the expectations of our partner brands. From product application to processes, we utilize a wide variety of technologies and expertise, which allow us to support our clients in the long term.

By combining innovation and industrial mastery on a daily basis, the group is able to provide solutions that make our clients’ businesses a success.

Learn more about the group and its subsidiaries at  http:anjac-healthandbeauty.com

Carte internationale du groupe Anjac basé en France, en Europe, Espagne et Etats-Unis USA, leader mondial de la cosmétique et pharma

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Laboratoire SHADELINE

Laboratoire et site de production
Parc Technologique de l’Argile, Voie D lot 118
06370 Mouans-Sartoux
Tél : +33 4 92 28 01 23

Bureaux commerciaux et marketing
15, rue de la Banque
75002 Paris
Tél : +33 6 03 69 23 59

Email : info@shadeline.com

LinkedIn Shadeline laboratoire cosmétique réseau social infos dermocosmétique soins innovation