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With a status of medical device or cosmetic, as per your brief

In any form: cream, balm, gel, milk, water, oil, foam, etc.

In any kind of packaging: tube, jar, bottle, crimped bottle, bag-on-valve, aerosol, foamer, airless, etc.

Concerns & trends

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« Clean formulas, focused on protecting, healing and restoring skin, offering impeccable safety and tolerance levels »

Sensitive & very sensitive skin

Atopic skin (psoriasis, eczema, etc.)

Hyperpigmented skin (spots)

Skin prone to redness

Skin prone to acne

Dry, combination & oily skin

Radiance / pro-aging


Menstrual discomfort

Pregnancy discomfort

Menopausal care

Joint, tendon and muscle care

And much more…

Soin skincare pour toute la famille     

For the whole family…


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Offre de produits clé en main Laboratoire Shadeline personnalisable. A personnaliser selon votre marque.

Des produits disponibles en 3 mois, c’est possible.

Inspired by the latest market trends and by the expectations of consumers and our clients, our dermocosmetic lab selects the best of our new products and handles all of the necessary regulatory procedures. As a result, these products can be released immediately, with no further steps required, for an optimal time-to-market of just three months.

Our ready-to-use approach guarantees you a turnkey product, encompassing:

laboratoire dermo cosmetique soin Finalized formulas in selected packs (with possible variations)

laboratoire dermo cosmetique soin Infinite pack personalization options

laboratoire dermo cosmetique soin All regulatory procedures, just requiring a simple update of the safety certificate in your name

laboratoire dermo cosmetique soin Completion of required tests, as well as user tests.

Our ready-to-launch range expands throughout the year, so please contact us to learn about our latest products and those on the horizon!

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