We offer

+ Tailored support for the development of your cosmetics and Class I medical devices, as per your specifications

+ A catalog of more than 300 customizable formulas and textures

+ A range of ready-to-launch products: the best of Shadeline’s research, available immediately under your brand name

Cutting-edge skills, unique on the market

+ A research & development team of 5 people

+ A cutting-edge research & development lab

+ A dedicated innovation & insight team

+ Sourcing of effective, original ingredients

+ Optimization of effectiveness through synergies between active ingredients

+ In-house toxicological expertise

+ Development of pharmaceutical forms and innovative textures

+ Expert analysis (HPLC/UV/MS, GC/FID/MS, IRFT, etc.)

« Expertise focused on protecting, restoring and healing the whole family’s skin »

Dernières Innovations Shadeline
Dernières Innovations Shadeline

Dernière nouveauté…

Formule innovante avec une texture et une sensorialité nouvelle : une mousse de vitamine C visage

Mousse de Vitamine C 5%

Un concentré de vitamine C  à la sensorialité unique
Apporte de l’éclat – anti-âge & anti-radicalaire – hydrate
Tests d’usage réalisés

S’utilise avant une crème de jour
Convient à tout type de peau
Adapté aux femmes enceintes

Dernières Innovations Shadeline

Our R&D, marketing and sales teams work with a recognized French business forecasting firm, so our R&D lab can develop formulas aligned with the market, to guarantee your success!


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